Community Initiative


“Underrepresented Teens & Young Women of Color in Cyber Space”


To prepare underrepresented and young women of color, ages 13-18, for a professional future.  This is a cross mentoring project where SAN members work with young women to discover how technology and media can positively enable professional outcomes.  We provide a caring and supportive environment where the young ladies develop projects and see them to completion.



Our Logo Contestant Winners from Roosevelt High School, Gary Indiana

IMG_Roosevelt copy

from l-r, Cynthia Hamilton, SAN Operations Officer; Kevin Davis, (runner-up); Sandra Mosley, Executive Director Organization Development & Design Workforce Development; (middle front) Ida Gregory, teacher; Jasmine Holston (winner); Dr. Jones, SAN Executive Director

Thank you to the refined Roosevelt High School JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates) Sisters Action Network Logo winners and all the participants.  The winning designs will be used in the future on our website.  We are proud and appreciative to all the students who accepted the challenge.

We also want to acknowledge the great work of Indiana Department of Workforce Development JAG Program; Denise Dillard, CEO Workforce Development, Executive Director Organization Development & Design Workforce Development Sandra Mosley for allowing Sisters Action Network to work with the program and Ida Gregory for her positive direction and student encouragement.

Follow the link below to view an inspiring TED Talk from  Nobel Peace Prize Winner Leymah Gbowee titled “Unlock the Intelligence, Passion, Greatness of Girls” about girls who are hungry for an education.