Executive Director’s Welcome

Welcome to Sisters’ Action Network (SAN).

My name is Asha Braxton, and I am the Executive Director of Sisters’ Action Network (SAN).  I have a knack, to get to the core of an individual’s dispute, protest or objective and to convey it clearly and succinctly in print. 

On occasions, needing to write a letter, essay, business plan, or other documents can be nerve-racking. The wordsmiths at SAN pride themselves for identifying and simplifying a client’s writing task. Contact Sisters’ Action Network if:

  • Need to write an essay, letter, business plan, brochure, review, etc.,
  • Unable to find the right words,
  • Panicked or too tense to write,
  • Running out of time,
  • Want a document to read and look professional,
  • Ready for extensive comments and manuscript or dissertation editing

Most writers want feedback, while others are unable to read their work objectively. Some individuals are called on to write letters, develop newsletters, or how to approach or reach out to another individual or organization. Many students feel lost when it comes to academic writing.

For those engaged in professional and business documents, like other writers, it is crucial to keep it simple. Sisters’ Action Network provides writing solutions for all writing needs.

Our hands-on business, literary, and life experiences allow SAN trained professionals to offer successful writing solutions. Each document, manuscript, letter, essay, review, memo, business plan, dissertation, or proposal, is approached with the same commitment for a positive outcome.

A wordsmith from Sisters’ Action Network will save you time and ease stress. SAN has solutions for your writing needs.

            Ready to work for you,

            Asha Braxton,

            Executive Director, SAN