About Sisters’ Action Network (SAN)

  • Trainers–Innovative & Creative
  • Diversity Consultants–address root causes in performance gaps
  • Professional Development Workshops for Business, School, and Organization
  • Collaborate to define & refine agency, company, or organization’s need
High standards and client satisfaction increase our motivation
High standards and client satisfaction increase our motivation

Professional Development Training is the cornerstone of Sisters’ Action Network. Our workshops are characterized as engaging, informative yet conversational. Diversity Consulting is a natural fit that often supports our Professional Development Workshops. The need for Diversity in the Workplace coupled with incidents involving race, gender and class necessitated the addition of Diversity Consultants.

At Sisters’ Action Network (SAN) we reinforce the practice of positive self-imaging and technology as it relates to culture and in workplace environments. There are basic characteristics business leaders and entrepreneurs value in their employees. Many managers express interest in the need for more professionalism in attire, demeanor, telephone etiquette and being able to communicate effectively. Consequently, we developed trainings on workplace etiquette, internet and inter-personal office communication, and specifically, the dos and don’ts of digital devices.

Diversity Training is a challenging endeavor.  Open conversations, activities, active listening and respect enable open honest dialogues regarding race, gender and socioeconomic class, for example.  Our workshops are designed to demonstrate the need and benefit for cultural diversity.

SAN’s training specialists employ interactive activities and stress the importance of listening.

SAN began in 2005, the result of an African American Women’s Study group of students who wanted their teen daughters, sisters, cousins and friends to have positive preparation and successful transition into a professional world. We organized trips, talent shows, invited influential women to speak, sponsored spoken word events, researched, attended conferences and presented papers. Most of the participants gained confidence and moved forward. To build on our momentum we discovered what professional attributes employers preferred in employees.

  • The answer is?
    The answer is?

Technology, in basic ways, has altered how we interact and respond.  We have been confronted with the tragedy of teen sexting , cyber-bullying and suicides.  SAN adapts to cultural changes adding corresponding workshops and updating our “Women of Color Community Initiative.”

Sanstudio is another aspect of the SAN organization.  Service provides the groundwork of our existence. Underrepresented girls, specifically, young ladies of color, is the base of our community commitment. We promote their professional ambitions through the practical applications of their positive creations.

In our community initiative we work to construct positive images in cyberspace.  The internet plays an important cultural role and can influence the well being and professional outcomes for many young women. Sisters’ Action Network is eager to consult and map out a plan to meet your diversity needs.  We offer authentic, informed, and interactive workshops that provide individuals with a deeper understanding of the influence of diversity. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you soon to discuss your diversity needs.

Sometime it's a struggle to meet expectation. ...I can contact Sisters' Action Network
Workplace bullies can make it a struggle to meet expectations

https://youtu.be/BuMQUOXYdgw Sisters’ Action Network is the 2015  Winner of the Interactive Teen Workshop Award!